Strategic Financial and Corporate Communications

IPO / Bond /M&A

With the experience
from numerous IPO
and bond issues and
M&A mandates, cometis
creates an additional
value to transactions.
We advise our clients
about the promotion
of their bond or
developing professional 
communication strategy
in takeovers.


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Financial Com.

Successful financial
communication is
based on technical
and industry expertise.
We offer our clients
a broad portfolio
of consultationin the
field of financial
communication and
investor relations,
from IPO to annual


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Corporate Coms.

What should be 
communicated to whom 
in order to be heard? 
We create custom 
made communication 
to meet the 
of our clients from
medial positioning to
crisis communication.


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cometis in figures

> 9
     studies per year

> 25

> 30

Ø  60
      financial reports /

Ø  200
      news reports 
      per year 

> 400
     IR mandates

> 600,000
     publications sold

Book Recommendation

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100 IFRS Financial Ratios

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Investor Relations-Panel

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