Bond Fact Sheet

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Bond Fact Sheet

An attractive and clearly structured Bond Fact Sheet is a useful companion for journalists and investor meetings for every bond issuer.

The Fact Sheet tailored to the issuance of the bond summarizes the most important facts of your company precisely in a document that is usually double-sided in DIN A5 or DIN A4 format. For investors who are not yet familiar with your company and the industry, the Fact Sheet provides an optimal overview of the most important facts about your company and details of the bond issuance.

A Fact Sheet presents relevant facts on the bond issuance

Fact Sheets contain business and transaction-related information such as the business model, history, management, key figures, key transaction data and contact details. While the company’s presentation as well as the historical and current figures and, if necessary, share price information are the focus of a regularly updated company Fact Sheet, the Bond Fact Sheet focuses on the relevant data of the bond issuance. cometis will help you make the most of your investment highlights. You profit from many years of experience and proven expertise in the field of capital market communication. We know exactly which topics have to be mentioned on a Fact Sheet in order to communicate the advantages of your business model and do so successfully.

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Create the starting point for successful conversations with investors and journalists with an individual Fact Sheet. You receive the precisely formulated and clearly structured Fact Sheet in your desired format. Enter your Fact Sheet now and construct the groundwork for a successful bond placement!

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