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Conferences are of central importance for capital market participants. Company representatives meet investors, analysts and service providers – and nowhere else is the opportunity for valuable contacts and open dialogue greater.

Together with our partners, we have established exciting conference formats: for example, the “IR” for Investor Relations professionals as well as the “sector conferences” as a link between companies and investors. This is how we bring together different stakeholders in a targeted way.

IR 2018

IR 2017 Investor Relations Konferenzen cometis AG IR AgenturOn January 30, 2018, our Investor Relations Conference – the IR 2018 – was held in Frankfurt am Main for the sixth time.
Over the last years, the conference has established itself as a central event for the German and increasingly international investor relations community. This year again, it offered an exciting programme for the almost 200 participants: Renowned keynote speakers, inspiring presentations by IR managers, analysts and investors as well as podium interviews, panel discussions and room for personal networking between the programme items. A special highlight this year was the kick-off presentation by Chris Boos, CEO arago GmbH and pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence. Further topics of IR 2018 were Mifid II and the concrete changes in the market, Annual General Meeting – Trends 2018, Guidance, Initial Coin Offerings, Capital Market Days, Asset Allocation and many more.

The conference is held annually on the last Tuesday in January.
The program of the IR 2018 can be found on this page.

IR 2017

IR 2017 Investor Relations Konferenzen cometis AG IR AgenturIR 2017 with its enjoyable networking atmosphere and professional exchange at the highest level opened its doors once again in January. As in the previous years, we managed to welcome once again competent speakers from the whole range of the financial community. Interesting topics ranging from MiFID II and activist investors to the economic outlook after Brexit were actively discussed by the participants.

The enthusiasm for IR and the concentrated expertise on the participants’ side provided an open atmosphere for networking and knowledge, where we developed a successful get-together in the financial center Frankfurt.

In cooperation with the IR Club

IR 2016

DSC_8284_350x234There are many conferences and events, therefore the challenge is to stand out from the crowd. For this reason, four years ago, we developed a new conference concept to inspire all those who share a passion for investor relations.

Strategic Investor Relations, IR work with the Supervisory Board, leadership, quarterly reporting – quo vadis? These were only a few of this year’s topics, presented by our high-caliber speakers at the Hotel Jumeirah Frankfurt on January 27, 2016. And, of course, there were opportunities for networking.

We are delighted to be able to say after four IR Conferences: our concept has proven itself – an annual industry meeting in the financial center Frankfurt is a firmly established conference.

In cooperation with the IR Club.

IR 2015

DSC_8122We already started looking forward to “IR 2015,” which was held at the Jumeirah Frankfurt on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

Networking, competent lecturers and discussions on current issues in the IR industry await you again. Together, we want to identify and discuss pioneering trends in Investor Relations that can give us important impulses for the future of IR work.

In cooperation with the IR Club.

IR 2014

IR Konferenz 2014, Investor Relations Berater cometis AGcometis organized the investor relations conference “IR 2014” in Frankfurt on January 29, 2014, together with the IR Club. Whether during networking, in specialist lectures or discussions – “IR 2014” addressed current issues of the industry as well as identified and discussed future IR trends. The personal opinion of the participants was also the focus again thanks to a voting system.

In cooperation with the IR Club

Strategy evening for entrepreneurs, board members & directors

In Frankfurt on September 11, 2013, in a talk on “refinancing medium-sized bonds” during the strategy evening for entrepreneurs, Board members and Managing Directors, the organizers Andreas Wegerich (CEO, youmex AG), Pierre Drach (Managing Director, Independent Research GmbH) and Michael Diegelmann (CEO, cometis AG) gave insights into “lessons learned” from the latest issuances and explained opportunities and risks of recent financing alternatives.

In cooperation with youmex AG and Independent Research GmbH

IR 2013

IR 2013, Konferenzen, IR Event von Finanzkommunikationsberatung cometis AGThe first Investor Relations conference – IR 2013 – took place on Thursday, January 24, 2013, at the Hotel Hessischer Hof in Frankfurt/Main. With the aim of organizing an event for all those who share a passion for the subject of investor relations, cometis presented an interesting program together with the IR Club: in addition to investor, media and career topics, professional and personal skills came to the fore of presentations. At the same time, the participants’ opinion was central: thanks to a voting system, each participant could actively contribute to the discussion.

In cooperation with the IR Club