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ESG Factsheet

Do you want to present your ESG story professionally in your initial contact with investors, journalists or customers? Then an ESG factsheet is a suitable universal “business card”. A clearly structured factsheet with the most important ESG key figures and highlights conveys a positive image of your company at first glance. Our factsheets are the perfect companion at investor conferences, in media discussions or in customer contact.

All important ESG information at a glance

The factsheet provides a good overview, especially for those who are not yet familiar with your ESG performance. A coherently structured and well-designed factsheet makes it easier to start your discussions.

ESG integration into other factsheet formats

Selected ESG information from your company is also suitable for other factsheets. IPO factsheets focused on transactions or the bond factsheet should include ESG highlights. And especially if you are planning to issue a Green Bond, we can support you with a suitable factsheet.


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