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Successfully designing Core Messages of the Financial PR


Core messages are an important success factor in Corporate Communication with various stakeholder groups, as they are the focal point of communication with the various target audiences over a longer period of time.

Bringing your company to the point

In essence, Core Messages offer a brief and concise summary of a fact which is important for the successful continuation of a company. This can be, for example, the meaning and purpose of the newly defined corporate strategy, or an urgently necessary change process with corresponding effects on the existing organization. From the point of view of a capital market-oriented company, these facts should be documented, for example, in the form of a convincing Equity Story that provides essential information to investors, analysts, employees, business partners and all other stakeholder groups.

Shaping Core Messages for your target audiences

When designing Core Messages, it should be noted that, depending on the content, they focus on the essential benefit of a change process, the advantages of the new strategy, the strength of a new organizational form or the motives for a takeover. The target audiences should be able to perceive something interesting or desirable in the Core Messages. The credibility and verifiability of the statements made must always be given.

Your reliable partner for successful positioning

As a specialist in strategic Financial and Corporate Communications with many years of experience and an excellent network in the financial and economic press, cometis AG is a reliable partner when it comes to the successful positioning of your Core Messages. Our service portfolio ranges from support for the development of Language Rules, press texts and presentations to the placement of your messages on capital market-relevant leading media – we are looking forward to advising you!