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Shareholder ID provides an overview of shareholder structure

The shareholder ID is indispensable for any listed company that wants to successfully pursue strategic investor relations work. A shareholder ID gives an issuer broad insight into the current composition and changes within the shareholder structure. As a result of this extensive analysis, new options are being opened up for all companies by investor relations in order to optimize the shareholder structure in the sense of the defined IR objectives.

Identifying changes in the shareholder structure at an early stage

The shareholder ID provides detailed information on how the shareholder structure of a company is composed and has changed over time. In the course of the analysis, particularly so-called beneficiary shareholders can be identified. That is, they get valuable information about who actually owns your company’s shares. In addition, the shareholder ID gives you an overview of the structure of the shareholder structure with regard to the investment style and location of the investors – and how it has developed over time. It is also possible to identify Top Buyers and Top Sellers in a specific analysis period. With the shareholder ID, you always have the central changes in your shareholder structure in mind and can focus your IR activities on them.

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If you want to keep an overview of your shareholder structure and react to more than just your investor relations work, the shareholder ID is an efficient tool for your investor relations. We look forward to your call!