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Using IR Films for communication with stakeholders and shareholders

Referenzen_Referenzkunden_258x82pxIn Investor Relations work, IR Films and audiovisual contributions are an ideal addition to classic financial reports. Whether an image film, a cinematic statement by the board or the financial report in terms of image and sound – cinematic contributions increase understanding among investors, analysts as well as financial media and enable an appealing mediation of the Equity Story. In this way, the medium of film is also an important tool in the approach of potential investors. Anyone who decides in Investor Relations for the use of audiovisual content opens up new dimensions in communication with stakeholders and shareholders. We would be glad to advise you if you want to raise your financial communication to a new level!

IR Films – The corporate report as a cinematic statement

With a cinematic statement, the Management Board is able to explain a company report in detail and assures the importance of interpreting current topics and developments of the company. The central advantage is that audiovisual messages create proximity and a greater understanding among investors and financial journalists – in short, the company becomes more tangible to investors. Messages are more easily processed by people when they are transmitted visually. At the same time, in an IR Film or in the form of an interview, the board of directors can directly express their professional expertise and gain sympathy – a chance that purely written reporting does not offer.

Use IR Films specifically for investors’ talks

The Annual Report can also be implemented as an IR Film in which the highlights of the business development can be presented in a clear and comprehensible manner. Even shorter cinematic statements can be used in a targeted manner to address investors. They can be integrated into the IR Website of their own company so that they can be called up at any time for investors. The inclusion of cinematic statements and image films as part of Roadshows and investor conferences is equally effective. A cinematic Equity Story creates attention and brings success factors to the fore.

In order to portray the company, including the values defined in the mission statement, an image film is available, which, among other things, provides a closer look at the business model and the opportunities of the company. The decisive factor here is the emotionality, which can be mediated by video.

Cinematic statements can be integrated in many ways

The creation of so-called QR (Quick Response) codes also opens up new possibilities for incorporating cinematic statements in Investor Relations. With the aid of QR codes, short statements can be integrated into the company’s Annual Report, for example. These can be used to provide a more detailed explanation of the financial figures, business areas and the presentation of newly introduced products. In this way, QR codes create a new dimension of the information transfer when it comes to the publication of the business figures.

Benefit from the “viral effect” of IR Films

The use of IR Films opens up the potential to achieve a greater reach for corporate messages than with classic means of financial communication, especially in social networks through viral distribution. If financial portals and multipliers link to an IR Film and recommend it to other users, the statement can quickly reach wide distribution on the Internet and enlarge a community. However, the prerequisite is high-quality content that benefits stakeholders and shareholders.