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IR infographics – Communicating business messages clearly

Referenzen_Referenzkunden_258x82pxShare price, market development or corporate organization – investor relations have long been an indispensable part of infographics and an important tool for communicating with investors and financial journalists. Infographics display complex facts and messages visibly. Despite a large amount of information, they ensure the efficient transmission of facts. Their focus is on clarity, accuracy and visibility. Infographics are unquestionably an essential means of conveying information when approaching investors. We are happy to help you optimize your IR performance. Give us a call!

Infographics are versatile in IR

Infographics are versatile in the financial reporting of your company. Infographics provide an illustrative presentation of the business development in the annual and quarterly reports. They supplement the text, classify the facts and support the messages implied in the text. This gives investors a quick and precise overview of the business development and performance of the company compared to the peer group.

Displaying your equity story visually on roadshows with IR infographics

At Investor Conferences and Roadshows, infographics can be used to visualize the equity story and to target investors. This helps companies gain a higher level of attention and a better understanding among investors. The success factors of the company can once again be visually underpinned. Last but not least, infographics are an adequate means of distinguishing yourself from your peer group in financial communication.

Increase the reach of your messages with the “viral effect”

The integration of infographics into the classical means of financial communication increases the chance to achieve a higher reach for your own messages. A high quality of infographics is decisive. This increases the chance of virality, or its reach to a higher number of corporate recommendations over social media. At the same time, the graphical processing of information is also highly valuable in a media approach. This increases the chance that the corresponding topic of the company is reported and the infographic is also taken up by the media.