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Investor Targeting

Referenzen_Referenzkunden_258x82pxWhoever wants strategic Investor Relations must first define the targets for their Investor Relations work. The objectives for the IR Work are based on the company’s objectives for stock market listing. As a rule, targets for financing, financing costs, stability of the share price as well as for the increase in value and for the positioning of the share as growth or dividend securities are defined.

Investor Targeting forms the basis of strategic Investor Relations

Professional, strategic Investor Relations is the active influence of positioning on the capital market and thus also of the shareholder structure on the goal. For this purpose, a precise definition of the target is necessary – for example, with regard to the nature and investment approach of the investors or their origin. From this, clear action measures in IR Work can be taken.

Identify and successfully implement Investor Targeting

We help you analyze, define and implement your Investor Targeting. We are available as a partner to answer the fundamental questions of your company’s IR Work: Who are my investors? What are their interests? How do I identify the right investors for my company? Which brokers and analysts are responsible for my IR success? How are the company, the Equity Story and the management perceived by investors and what is the need for action?

Checking the success of Investor Targeting measures

In order to achieve set targets, the success of IR measures should be reviewed every six months, at least once a year, as well as the IR Work measured to insure it accords with the active steering of defined targets. This is included in consultancy offered by cometis in the field of strategic Investor Relations.

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