Executive Coaching Frankfurt City - Germany

Executive Coaching – In front of investors and analysts


With the Executive Coaching from cometis, you develop a safe and professional appearance to help interested investors understand your company’s Equity Story. A series of interviews with investors, analysts and journalists is conducted within the scope of an IPO. Being convincing and showing your company’s potential is always the central goal. If you want to be optimally prepared for important investor discussions and to act confidently in critical situations, we offer you a focused Q&A training.

Improving media effect and dealing with stressful situations with a coaching committee

We prepare you to discuss your content in interviews and presentations confidently and clearly.

We familiarize you with various scenarios so that you can keep a “cool head” in stressful situations and carry out your Core Messages successfully. It makes a difference whether you have an hour to speak with an investor or are having to convey your story within three minutes in front of a running camera.

Through the accompanying video analysis, we collaborate with you not only on rhetoric and non-verbal communication, but especially on the answers.

This is what awaits you at our Executive Committee Coaching:

Full-day Executive Coaching including video analysis

  • Telephone interviews
  • Background conversations
  • 30 sec statements
  • TV interviews
  • Cross-examination
  • Simulation of press conferences
  • Company presentation
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Fair and unfair dialectic