IPO Equity Story Frankfurt City - Germany

IPO Equity Story – Making the company convincing to potential investors


The IPO Equity Story plays a key role in ensuring that your shares are successfully placed during your stock exchange trading. If you are able to tell a coherent IPO Equity Story and convey the investment highlights of your company, the attractiveness of your stock increases with analysts and investors.

An IPO Equity Story promotes growth

The IPO Equity Story must emphasize the strengths of your company and bring the investment highlights to the point. This includes the description of the business model, the presentation of the market environment and not least the growth story. A convincing Equity Story for your IPO will therefore include information on market drivers, unique features compared to competitors as well as important company-specific key figures. A successful Equity Story always adapts to changing circumstances.

Communicating key data on companies and the industry

In the case of investor talks during an exchange process, it is not only important to be able to tell a plausible growth story. This must be documented – as far as possible – with important facts and figures. Key indicators are ultimately to help you understand your business model.

Convincing management with IPOs

In addition to all figures and information, the presentation and appearance of management during an IPO is also crucial. In an IPO Equity Story, for example, outstanding management services or the successful track record of management should be mentioned. It is important to know: investors are practically buying management! Only those who know how to sell themselves in investor talks will ultimately be able to successfully realize the IPO.