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Activating the M&A process


Mergers and acquisitions are generally accompanied by profound changes in the organizations involved. With strategic Media Management, you can actively manage your communication and maintain your interpretive authority during the M&A process.

As soon as an upcoming M&A transaction becomes public, an enormous need for communication arises in all the stakeholder groups of the companies involved. In terms of content, there are regular concerns about occupational safety, uncertainty among current investors, or questions about the continuation of brands and products.

Participate in public opinion through Media Management

The way in which a merger or acquisition of a company is presented and discussed in the media has a lasting impact on the perception of an M&A transaction in the public eye. Print and online media, TV and social media will reach millions of people in the shortest possible time. The possibility of influencing public opinion on an M&A transaction in this way and thus influencing the further course of the negotiations is equally open to all stakeholders.

Stakeholders use media for their individual purposes

Not only management boards, supervisory boards, employees and works councils, but also investors and analysts as well as regulators, political decision-makers, trade unions, suppliers and competitors try to lend their individual expectations and demands to the entire range of available media. It is not always the objective mediation of facts and a fair discussion in the foreground –the conscious spread of rumors or the emotional establishment of opposition are always risks present in media. In order to successfully complete an M&A transaction according to your own objectives, the role of Media Management as a strategic and success-critical factor in the M&A process cannot be underestimated.

Successful Media Management in the M&A process

For the maintenance of communication and interpretive authority during an M&A process, strategic Media Management is decisive for success. As a specialist in strategic financial and Corporate Communication with many years of experience, cometis AG is a reliable partner for the development of an M&A Communication Strategy, the implementation of active Media Management derived from it and the effective placement of your Core Messages. Our support ranges from the development of official Language Rules and the compilation of press and duty announcements, through the conduct of media resonance analyses and the perception of the role of interim company spokesperson. From our service portfolio, you can choose the best possible solution package in your individual situation – we look forward to advising you!