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Here you will find the latest ESG and investor relations news, studies and press releases from cometis AG and our partner PRGN – Public Relations Global Network.
With the capital market panel and the investor relations panel, cometis has been conducting studies on current market events in the areas of capital markets, ESG and investor relations for several years. To this end, cometis surveys experts from the respective departments several times a year on current topics. In this context, cometis evaluates the topics and the concept and is also responsible for conducting the study.


Here, you can go directly to the respective years of Investor Relations News:

News series “German IPOs & IBOs in the spotlight” – 07/2017

News series “German IPOs & IBOs in the spotlight” – 07/2017

At the end of the year 2017, the news on the capital market are already causing many market participants to look forward to the stock market year 2018. More recent news and information about the topics Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Initial Bond Offering (IBO) in our news series “German IPOs and IBOs in the spotlight”.


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