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| SLM Solutions: Takeover offer leads to moderate third quarter

SLM Solutions Group AG (“SLM”), a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, increased its revenue by 42.7 % to EUR 48.4 million during the first nine months of the 2016 fiscal year (9M/2015: EUR 33.9 million)...

| SLM Solutions: Takeover offer of GE Germany Holdings AG lapses

GE Germany Holdings AG, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of GE Aviation and part of the General Electric (GE) Group, had published a takeover offer on September 26, 2016 for all outstanding shares of SLM Solutions Group AG...

| SLM Solutions: unanimous recommendation in favour of GE Germany Holdings AG’s takeover offer

The Management and Supervisory boards of the SLM Solutions Group AG have today released their joint statement on the voluntary public takeover bid of GE Germany Holdings AG on the website at

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