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In the field of ESG, too, the following applies: Everything is relative. This means that comparing companies and industries with each other is essential. In this context,
ESG-benchmarking is of essential importance.

Foundation for analysis-based ESG consulting

cometis prepares sector, benchmark and peer group analyses for you so that your company can compare itself with the practices and specifications of your industry, peer group or benchmarks.

The Global ESG Monitor, of which cometis AG is a co-initiator and Regional Partner of Germany, provides us with an important data basis for this.

The Global ESG Monitor is a unique research initiative that leverages the potential of shared research to examine the transparency of non-financial reporting by the world’s largest companies.

Common goals

The aim is to help companies enable better ESG reporting based on facts and benchmarks.

For this reason, we monitor, analyse and publish the level of transparency in non-financial reporting using the GEM AssayTM, a research tool developed specifically for this purpose and adapted year-on-year.

The operationalization of transparency underlying the GEM AssayTM is based on the relevant guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO Standard 26000, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Accountability and Transparency, 2010a.

We have data from more than 600 sustainability reports from companies in over 70 industries.


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