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Investor Access: ESG Opens Up New Financing Opportunities

You want to convince new investors of your company in order to diversify your shareholder structure? Or have you already established good relationships with important investors that you would like to strengthen further? ESG issues play an important role for both, existing and potential investors.

Convincing new investor groups with ESG

Institutional investors are increasingly interested in the ESG strategy of companies. This is particularly true for large, internationally active investors. Church sponsors, for example, traditionally have particularly strict exclusion criteria.

With our many years of capital market expertise, we can support you effectively. We help you to convince existing and new investors of your company. We offer you:

  • Analysis of the ESG voting policies of current and potential investors
  • Identifying and approaching potential ESG investors
  • Organization and follow-up of ESG roadshows
  • Planning and implementation of investor meetings with ESG focus (e.g. within the framework of conferences or field trips)

ESG: increasingly relevant for bonds as well

Even for unlisted companies, ESG issues are playing an increasingly important role in financing. This is why more and more companies are reporting on ESG that are not (yet) required to do so by law. ESG criteria are also becoming increasingly relevant for bond issuers. Some investors do not buy bonds from companies with a poor ESG rating. And bond yields are also increasingly linked to a company’s ESG performance: a poor ESG rating can therefore cost cash.

With our many years of investor relations experience, we are a reliable partner for successful bond issues that take ESG criteria into account. We help you to convince potential investors of your bond with the right communication mix. In doing so, it is important to keep a permanent eye on your ESG rating. You can find out more about our range of bond communication services here.


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