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We develop your strategy for CEO positioning

The reputation of a company is greatly influenced by the perception of the CEO by the public. Victory is clinched by the signal of the CEO. It is thus all the more important to take this external effect into account and to develop a clear strategy for CEO positioning.

Personify company success with CEO positioning

As a media stylistic tool, it has been possible to recognize a trend away from the sober coverage of anonymous organizations by means of cold facts to the personal story with the CEO as a main character – formerly with Steve Jobs or currently with Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk as particularly well-known protagonists. This trend should not be taken on fully in every business, but try to use it as good as possible.

Positioning CEOs in specialist issues

An important step in the development of the positioning strategy is the definition of the CEO’s values in the public and the characteristics to be attributed to him or her: the keeper, the representative, the innovator, the decision-maker or the visionary? In addition, it is also necessary to define which professional or sector-specific topics should be linked directly to the CEO’s profile.

Your reliable partner for CEO positioning

As a specialist in strategic financial and corporate communications with many years of experience and an excellent network in business media, cometis AG supports you in strategy development of CEO positioning and in implementing the following measures. Our portfolio of services covers a broad spectrum to promote the positioning of your CEO:

  • Media resonance analysis to determine position
  • Personal coaching in preparation for interviews
  • Positioning at public appearances or conferences
  • Media work for placement in leading capital market media

We look forward to advising you!


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