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Using events and conferences for contact management

Special events and conferences provide an ideal opportunity to maintain relationships with the stakeholders of your company or to establish new contacts. It would be our pleasure to advise you on the organization of your target audience-specific event and to get in touch with investors, analysts or journalists. At the same time, we have an overview of important industry and investor conferences and will be pleased to advise you as to which conference offers added value for your company.

Making valuable contacts at investor conferences

Investor conferences are a suitable platform to get in touch with new investors and present them the equity story of the company. In most cases, you have the opportunity to present investment highlights to a selected group of investors.

Many conferences are offered at home and abroad, mostly organized by brokers or service providers in the field of investor relations. Conferences are often offered in a particular sector, so-called sectoral conferences, where issuers of that specific sector present themselves.

Raising investors’ interest and building trust with roadshows

At investor roadshows, management presents the equity story with the aim of influencing participating investors’ decisions in your favor and building confidence in the company. Roadshows also help to maintain long-term investor relations. At so-called non-deal roadshows, issuers look to establish dialogue with existing and potential investors without an imminent transaction. Providing information on current company developments presents the company authentically, the most effective way to sustainably strengthen investor relations.

Meeting the information needs of analysts

To provide a research report, analysts need detailed information on the company. Conducting regular analyst conferences helps meet analyst information demands. These are usually offered as part of the publication of the business results. Analyst meetings do not necessarily have to be associated with a personal presence of the participants. You can also keep analysts up-to-date via a webcast and/or telephone conferences.

Organizing press conferences for journalists

For special corporate events, such as the presentation of a new product or the issue details for a stock exchange, it is a good idea to invite journalists to a press conference. Since you can count on a high media interest in these cases, you will be able to meet journalists’ questions with a conference. A press conference will allow you to present your project and answer journalists’ questions. With our many years of experience in financial and corporate communications, we would be happy to help you with organization, press document preparation and invitations to press conferences.

cometis AG is your expert partner for financial PR

With our many years of experience in the organization of events and conferences, we are at your disposal as an expert partner in financial PR. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking to optimize your PR measures!


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