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Successful use of language rules in the agenda setting

Successful agenda setting  can draw the attention of a broad public to the company use of language rules in the media work. In the era of rapid multiplication by social media, unspoiled messages can hardly be contained and can only be corrected with extreme effort.

Language rules ensure uniform communication

The aim of the use of defined language rules in corporate communications is to ensure a uniform communication in a number of dimensions with regard to a particular issue – for example, to the newly defined corporate strategy or equity story in a company oriented to the capital market: over several management levels, it is intended to ensure cross-site and, at different times, to ensure that a uniform position on the respective topic is represented on the company’s behalf and that similar facts are communicated.

Countering false reports through language rules

This prevents contradictory information from one and the same organization. The doubts about professionalism and credibility, often justified in such cases, are prevented from the outset. Even the emergence of rumors or false reporting is countered. This can avoid a massive loss of trust.

Finding the right content

As a specialist in strategic financial, ESG and corporate communication with many years of experience and an excellent network in business media, cometis AG supports your development of language rules for regular use in corporate communications. The consideration of your company-specific topics is also an essential element, as the strategic structuring of information for use in direct communication with the public for on-demand distribution or merely for background discussions. We look forward to advising you!


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