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Media analysis – Evaluating the results of media work

Have you ever reviewed the results of your media work? Media analysis helps you get an overview of the results of your media work in a quantitative and qualitative way. As a specialist in strategic financial and corporate communication with many years of experience, it would be our pleasure to advise you. Media analysis is implemented on the basis of your individual company requirements.

Media analysis identifies trends

Media analysis can be used to draw conclusions about the previous media work. The goal should be to question the previous communication measures on the basis of the results and to derive measures for the further media work from this. Last but not least, you will get an overview of whether your messages are heard in the media and the public – and you have the right to be informed about important topics of your company. By analyzing the media coverage, it is also possible to identify the topics that can be used in a targeted manner for PR measures – for example, with the agenda setting.

Using media analysis as an early warning system

The evaluation of the media reporting can also be useful for your company in the event of a crisis. Through the regular media analysis, you can identify critical topics in the reporting at an early stage and prepare yourself in time for a possible crisis. It would be our pleasure to advise you on the communicative challenges your company faces during the crisis. Expert communication can significantly mitigate or even prevent a crisis.


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