Use panels for PR work

By conducting panels, you can reconsider topics and use their publication as a tool of your PR work. There are topics that are closely related to your business model. As a specialist in strategic financial, ESG and corporate communication with many years of experience, cometis AG is an expert partner for the development and implementation of your company-specific panels. With our investor relations panel and capital market panel, we are regularly examining current investor relations issues and contributing to the elucidation of relevant issues on the capital market.

Bringing conversations to media and expanding your scope

A panel can be an effective tool for your PR work. On the one hand, you can gain interpretative authority on current topics and issues that are closely linked to your business model. In addition, you are a regular contact partner for the press and can increase your reach if your panel is picked up by relevant media and influential multipliers. Statements from panels can be effectively used for active media work. Another positive effect: this strengthens the credibility and reputation of your company and gives you confidence.

cometis’s capital market panel

cometis and media partner VDI Nachrichten have published the capital market panel on a quarterly basis since 2006 to analyze future trends in the capital markets and to uncover information gaps. Participants in this panel are leading figures in the equity capital markets of major German and foreign banks. cometis evaluates topics and concept and administers the study.

Current opinion on the capital market
Date: H1/2016

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The capital market panels of the previous years can be found in our archive.

cometis’s investor relations panel

For many years, cometis AG has been conducting surveys among IR officers on current capital market-relevant issues. The aim of the investor relations panel is to capture the respective moods in company IR departments, to illuminate current topics and to analyze the trends and properties of German capital market communications.

New challenges for IR Managers
Date: I/2016
Free download investor relations panel

The investor relations panel of the previous years can be found in our archive.

Your expert partner for creating panels

With our many years of experience in the implementation of studies and panels, we would be happy to advise you on the development, creation and execution of your individual panel. cometis evaluates topics and concepts and administers the panel. Feel free to contact us if you would like to optimize your PR work.


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