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Publishing press releases for continuous news flow

With a Press Release, you have the opportunity to inform the media and the public regularly about relevant news of your company. Continuous news flow enhances the visibility of your company and builds trust with the stakeholders of your company. There are different occasions for the publication of a Press Release depending on the company and the industry. A report on the current business figures, a larger order intake, the presentation of a new product or a change in the board of directors is common examples for which the publication of a Press Release is recommended. It should be noted that a Press Release should always contain some new original content. The chance is greater that it will be picked up by journalists.

Positively impacting press reporting with press releases

Professional PR work brings many advantages: with the regular publication of press releases, you have the possibility to influence the reporting on your company in your sense. In a Press Release, you can comment on the events in your company and influence the public opinion process. This also makes it easier to offer a better understanding of the topic. In addition, you can achieve a wide range with your messages. We support you with our specific press distributors you can use anytime for relevant media in your communications.

Achieving the highest transparency requirements

As a listed company, you can, in the form of a Press Release, particularly inform existing and potential investors about your company and build confidence in your share. At the same time, with the regular publication of press releases, you meet the high transparency requirements on the capital market, which apply, for example, to the regulated market of German stock exchange. We would be glad to support you as an experienced specialist in ESG, financial and corporate communication when publishing your announcements through popular publishing portals.


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