Reporting – Fulfilling publication obligations

The requirements for the reporting of listed companies are varied and subject to constant change. We assist you in creating your annual, interim and quarterly reports or announcements. We prepare a convincing concept for your financial report in order to convey your business development in clear and understandable language and to satisfy the broad range of interested parties in your report. With cometis AG , all company reporting comes from a single source.

Detailed information on business development

When building the structure and content for your financial report, we ensure that it complies with the current publication and compliance policies. This mainly includes a complete management report with information on the general market development, a sufficient presentation of the development of earnings and financial assets during the reporting period. The annual report also provides information on the company’s opportunities and risks, and a forecast for the current fiscal year. Our reporting enables all interested parties to get a comprehensive picture of the development of your company.

Appealing graphics illustrate business highlights

cometis consultants and graphic designers work hand-in-hand for an appealing presentation of the content. Our aim is to convey information about your company and business development in reporting as vividly as possible. In addition to the pure text, it is also possible to highlight, summarize and present information to the reader in an informative manner using graphics of different work facts and figures. Our graphics team will be pleased to provide you with creative suggestions on how information about your company can be processed with pictures, infographics or tables.

Integrating image in reporting

Financial reports are an important communication tool and are carefully read by your shareholders and stakeholders. In addition to the prescribed presentation of your business development, they are therefore able to strengthen the image of your company by integrating an image. A more detailed presentation of a business report by means of facts, contributions or interviews is just as conceivable as an extensive Management Board interview on business development and corporate strategy.


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