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Banners extend scope and attention

In particular, it is often difficult for medium-sized companies to gain the necessary attention in the capital market in order to successfully place their stock or bond. Adding banners to established bond markets and financial portals increases your reach and increases your chance of attracting potential prospects to your offer. Due to our many years of experience in financial, ESG and corporate communication, we have the appropriate expertise and provide you with efficient bannering within the scope of your advertising budget.

Making banners in the image of your corporate design

In addition to the placement, the visual design of the banners plays an important role. With our graphic designers, we can quickly and without any loss of friction design banners according to different technical specifications. We take into account the design requirements of your company and make creative suggestions. If your banner catches an investor’s interest, that could extend to the company website or directly to an offer.

cometis AG is your expert partner for financial PR

We have already been involved in numerous transactions on the capital market where an ad or banner was used. Please contact us to plan your individual financial PR and implement your online communication.


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