Financial Centre Vienna

In recent years Vienna has established itself as a secure and reputable banking centre. The largest Austrian banks, Erste Group Bank and Raiffeisen Bank, the Vienna Stock Exchange, which was established in 1771 are located in the Austrian capital. Most of the 30 Austrian asset managers, such as Raiffeisen Capital, FINAD Austria, Amundi Austria and Advisory Invest, are also located in Vienna. Erste Asset Management is Austria’s most important asset manager, which manages approximately EUR 61 billion.

Due to its location, Vienna is regarded as a hub and bridge between Western and Eastern Europe. Vienna’s banks have also placed a regional focus on Eastern Europe and more than 1,200 international corporations have located their Eastern European headquarters in Vienna. A total of approximately 120,000 companies are based in Vienna and half of the companies that come to Austria settle in the city on the Danube. Vienna is internationally recognized for the presence of organizations such as the UNO, UNIDO, IAEA, or OPEC.

With almost 200,000 students and 20 universities, Vienna is the largest student city in the German-speaking world. One in four students comes from abroad and almost EUR 3 billion is spent on research and development every year. Via its airport, Vienna can be reached from anywhere in Europe within a maximum of three hours. A visit to Vienna is always worthwhile, as the city is considered to be one of the most liveable cities in the world.