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ESG Advisory

Compliance with E (environment) S (social) and G (governance) standards is becoming a mandatory requirement for all companies and governments to qualify for future financing and business activities.
Constant reporting on all progress made is key to shaping the opinion of rating agencies, NGO´s, investors, employees and all other stakeholders. The pressure on decision makers is growing constantly. We help our clients to find the right strategy, tactics and instruments for analysis in order to succed in this new and constantly changing environment.

We offer the following ESG services:

ESG Strategy Definition and Implementation

We help you develop, define and implement an appropriate ESG strategy.

You have the possibility to order our key figures book “100 ESG key figures” to expand your profound knowledge!

Rating Advisory

Everybody rates you – no matter if you’re a company or a country. There’s an abundance of ESG rating agencies out there: not all of them are relevant – we know which ones are and how you can enhance your disclosure rating through proper reporting. Plus: we also fill out those nasty disclosure forms they send you to verify their rating.

Project Management

Bundling all relevant ESG information in one place and making a coherent whole out of it takes a lot of coordination. We keep the strings together.


We choose the right framework for your reporting – tailored to the specific needs of your company.

Benchmarking and Peergroup Analysis

What do your peers do? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to assure great ESG communication: we show you where you stand and how you can not only catch up with the best in your peer group, but become a leader yourself.

Contacting the Relevant Stakeholders

NGOs, customers, investors, even your own workers: they all want to know what you do to make your organization more sustainable. We get in contact with your relevant stakeholders to find out what their most pressing ESG concerns are. We also show you how to communicate with them in a mutually beneficial way.

ESG Investor Roadshows

The decision-making process among asset managers has changed dramatically. ESG departments are becoming increasingly important for an investment decision into your stock. We match you with the right decision makers and the relevant money managers on a pan-European level.


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