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Stakeholder engagement

ESG has all target groups in mind, not just the capital side. All stakeholders who are affected by a company’s activities, both positively and negatively, should have a voice in the ESG strategy. It cannot be a matter of trying to please everyone and agreeing on the lowest common denominator. Rather, the often very different interests must be weighted and carefully weighed against each other, depending on the industry and company.

Identify stakeholders

cometis supports you in identifying and prioritizing the stakeholders relevant to you, in systematically listening to them and in elaborating their essential issues.

Finance and ESG expertise from a single source

cometis has 20 years of experience in capital market communications. We can profitably link financial and non-financial topics for you. This way, your customers, investors and employees recognize that ESG issues are close to your heart – and that you have ESG risks under control.


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