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Delticom Group grows by 10 % in FY 2017 and achieves an EBITDA margin of 1.5 %.

Hanover, February 06, 2018 – Delticom AG, (WKN 514680, ISIN DE0005146807, ticker symbol DEX), Europe’s leading online retailer of tyres and automotive accessories as well as efood specialist and expert in the field of efficient warehouse logistics, achieved based on preliminary results revenues of around € 667 million in the financial year elapsed, thereby exceeding its original revenues forecast of € 650 million. While 8.5 % revenues growth was achieved in the first nine months of 2017, Delticom increased its consolidated revenues by more than 13 % in the final quarter (Q4 2016: +3.9 %).

In its established core automotive business, the Delticom Group grew its revenues by almost 9 % over the full 2017 year, despite a stagnating market environment. By contrast with the previous year, the company did not implement any price increases in its online shops during fourth-quarter winter business, with the aim of further expanding its market-leading position. Despite this pricing policy and a cost rise accompanying the higher shipments volume, a solid EBITDA margin of around 2 % was achieved in the established core automotive business.

Revenues were up by more than 60 % year-on-year in the comparatively new business fields supplementing and expanding the established automotive business (mobile tyre fitting and online used car trading in France) together with efood and logistics. These fast-growing and promising business areas are still in the buildup phase, however, and burden Delticom Group results as a consequence.

Due to the aforementioned factors and negative currency effects of around € 1 million, the Delticom Group achieved an EBITDA of around € 10 million in the financial year elapsed (FY 2016: € 15 million), after a guidance of € 16 million for fiscal year 2017. The 2017 Group EBITDA margin amounts to around 1.5 % (FY 2016: 2.5 %). Based on these preliminary results, consolidated earnings of around € 1 million are expected (FY 2016: € 4.5 million). Delticom is aiming to pay a dividend for the 2017 financial year elapsed.

The company will announce its forecast for the current financial year at the latest with the publication of its 2017 annual report on March 22, 2018.

Company profile:
Delticom AG is an E-Commerce company operating primarily in Europe and the USA. It specialises in the design and operation of online shops, Internet-based customer acquisition, internet marketing, developing partner networks and complex, highly efficient product picking and distribution logistics.

Delticom AG is the leading online distributor of tyres and automotive accessories. Our product range also includes the online second-hand vehicle trade and efood. Delticom has extensive experience in creating shops for the international market and in trans-national E-Commerce. In addition to design, Delticom also provides product descriptions and a comprehensive customer service programme in your national language. Establishing efficient warehousing and logistics processes is utilised not only in selling tyres, used vehicles and online grocery shopping, but is also offered to third parties as an additional service.

Since its establishment in Hanover, Germany in 1999, the company has accrued exceptional expertise in designing efficient, fully integrated internal ordering and logistics processes. The company owns its own warehouses, including a fully automated small item warehouse.

In 2016, Delticom AG generated sales in excess of € 600 million and achieved an EBITDA of € 15.1 million. The E-Commerce specialist operates in 71 countries with over 430 online shops and online distribution platforms, serving over 11.4 million customers. The range of tyres offered to retail and commercial customers includes over 100 brands and more than 25,000 models of sedans, motorbikes, trucks, utility vehicles, buses and complete wheel sets. Customers are also able to have the ordered products sent to one of the 43,000 service partners of Delticom AG around the world.

Our range also encompasses over 300,000 automotive parts and accessories, including motor oils, snow chains and batteries. Entry into the business of online used car selling has rounded off the automotive offering. In this sense, Delticom AG has developed from a classic online retailer to an online solutions provider. Delticom AG also now offers a comprehensive range of around 20,000 different food items.

The shares of Delticom AG have been listed in the Prime Standard of the German Stock Exchange since October 2006 (ISIN DE0005146807).

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