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ESG-Rating Advisory

There are now a large number of ESG rating agencies on the market, which make and publish judgments of varying quality and with very different approaches as to how your company performs in the area of ESG. These rating results, in turn, are considered by many investors and banks as the basis for their decision to provide capital to your company or not. Therefore, they should not be underestimated and are of crucial importance.

Differentiation of ratings

A fundamental distinction must be made between solicited and unsolicited ratings. In the latter case, the rating agency does not ask you first, but rates your company on its own initiative and on the basis of publicly available information, often without entering into a dialogue with you beforehand.

For the purpose of efficiently improving your ESG-ratings, cometis has developed the ESG Rating Impact Tools. With this tool, we analyze your ESG-ratings down to the level of individual indicators and derive concrete measures for efficient rating improvement for you.

Our ESG Rating Impact Tool forms your central platform on which we provide you with a structured overview of the respective indicators in the categories E, S and G, their weighting and your respective status quo – and this on a database that is comparable between the various rating agencies. Our experienced consultants identify potential measures for rating improvement and prioritize them for you in a simple traffic light logic according to effort and impact. In this way, we guarantee you maximum effect with minimum effort.

Our ESG Rating Impact Tool at a glance:


  • Rating reports broken down to the level of individual indicators
  • Comparable database for the different rating agencies
  • Your central rating database
  • Creates transparency in the indicator jungle
  • Efficient identification of options for action and effective measures for rating improvement
  • Indicators and their criteria made comprehensible
  • Maximum clarity and maximum granularity at the same time
  • Presentation according to simple traffic light logic
  • Individual consulting by our experienced consulting team


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