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25. March 2021 | Compleo and DISA Elektro AG enter into exclusive cooperation with SAG Schweiz AG


Compleo and DISA Elektro AG enter into exclusive cooperation with SAG Schweiz AG

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  • Exclusive distribution of the Compleo Cito range via the Swiss Automotive Group AG network
  • DC charging solutions for more than 6,000 car dealerships
  • Compleo to support car dealers by offering a holistic consulting concept

Dortmund, March 25, 2021 – Compleo Charging Solutions AG (Compleo) and DISA Elektro AG are expanding their sales activities in Switzerland even further. They have signed a cooperation agreement with SAG (Schweiz) AG for the exclusive distribution of Compleo DC solutions through the sales channels of SAG (Schweiz) AG. SAG (Schweiz) AG has a network of 6,000 car dealerships and 900 workshop concept partners who will have access to Compleo’s innovative charging solutions effective immediately. Compleo and DISA Elektro AG are thus pursuing not only the expansion of the Swiss charging infrastructure, but also the goal of familiarizing the potential clientele of e-cars with modern charging solutions during their initial discussions and providing car dealerships and workshops with holistic advice.

Consumers and politicians in Switzerland as well as Germany are currently placing strong emphasis on climate-friendly technology, which is what makes the shift toward sustainable mobility possible to begin with. The latest figures from Switzerland also show that awareness of climate change has been heightened and that a switch to electric cars is an important building block for climate protection and greater sustainability. The market share of motor vehicles with alternative drives was 28.2 percent at the end of 2020. This includes both hybrid drives and purely electric cars. The figure thus more than doubled compared to the previous year. More recent market developments show that there is extremely high demand for electric cars. Still, many private individuals are hesitant when it comes to buying an all-electric car.

Focus on charging solutions for corporate fleets and car dealerships

Car dealerships are increasingly embracing the concept of electromobility. However, the advice given does not always manage to dispel common prejudices such as range anxiety or a lack of charging infrastructure. This is precisely where the cooperation partners want to come in and ease the fears of potential electromobilists and point out specific options. Through the cooperation with SAG (Schweiz) AG, 6,000 car dealerships and 900 workshop concept partners will have access to state-of-the-art charging solutions such as the Cito 240 and Cito 500, which, in addition to being used for car dealerships and workshops, have also been specially developed to meet the requirements of logistics and corporate fleets and feature efficient as well as scalable load management. The charging options are then also located where people are advised and spend time: at the point of sale. “What is challenging is to realize the DC charging services that car dealerships and workshops are demanding in a cost-effective way and without extending the grid connection. This can be optimally achieved with the compact Cito series and the integrated technology,” says Riccardo Carlucci, Project Engineer at DISA. In addition to the aforementioned DC charging points, both models also offer an AC charging point up to 22 kW, supporting different charging powers of different electric vehicles at the same time. With the help of the charging stations, it is possible for dealers to illustrate to their customers processes of a charging procedure, to show differences between AC and DC and to dispel myths. In addition, the charging solutions can be set up in the showroom and be made available to employees or the public. Thanks to the holistic consulting approach, the number of registrations of alternative drives will continue to increase in the future.

Market potential favors expansion

Growing environmental awareness and the desire for emission-free mobility are fostering the upswing. Switzerland is also politically committed to driving the transport revolution. The share of mainline vehicles with hybrid or purely electric drives is set to reach 15 percent by 2022. Today, the share is already 14.3 percent. The charging infrastructure is also growing constantly. In 2019, there were 175,000 publicly accessible charging stations in the EU. This is expected to grow to 2.2 million by 2030. “A nationwide charging point infrastructure is essential for a successful transport transition – and it is emerging. Through our cooperation, we want to further promote the expansion of charging columns on the Swiss market,” says Georg Griesemann, Co-CEO of Compleo. “The number of electric cars in Switzerland is growing steadily. But we still see great potential here. The task now is to pick up potential customers, and to do so at the point of sale. More and more car dealerships and workshops want to offer their clientele competent advice on site and install charging options for e-vehicles. This is where we want to start in order to convince people of electromobility in the long term.

About Compleo | Compleo is a leading supplier of charging solutions for electric vehicles. The company supports complete solution providers with its charging stations and, if required, also with the planning, installation, maintenance, service or backend of the charging infrastructure. Compleo’s offering includes both AC and DC charging stations. Compleo’s DC charging stations are the first DC charging stations on the market that comply with German calibration law (Eichrecht). The company develops and manufactures all products at its Dortmund site. The manufacturer focuses on innovation, safety, consumer-friendliness and economy. Its customers include Allego, E.ON, EWE Go, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens and over 150 public utilities in Germany. Compleo started production of the first charging stations in 2009. The fast-growing company currently employs around 250 people. Compleo is listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since October 2020 (ISIN: DE000A2QDNX9). More information is available at: