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Guidelines for ESG reporting and policy development


Best Practice Database as part of the Global ESG Monitor (GEM)

The creation of ESG reports and policies can be a challenge for companies as there are no universally accepted standards, and the requirements of stakeholders, regulators, and frameworks are constantly evolving. To support companies in this task, cometis has built an extensive Best Practice Database as part of the Global ESG Monitor (GEM).

This database contains categorized best practices from various industries and regions. Companies can orient themselves to the examples and experiences of others and gain valuable insights for their ESG reporting and policy development. In addition to concrete examples of reports and policies, companies also find useful inspiration for their own sustainability work. The Best Practice Database is thus an important basis for our analysis-based consulting and supports companies in improving their ESG performance in a transparent and sustainable manner.

Examples of questions that we have already been able to address for our clients through our guidelines include:

  • Diversity: How can we become more diverse? What should we consider when developing our strategy?
  • CO2: What do we need to consider when defining our climate goals?
  • What topics should our anti-discrimination policy cover?
  • What should be included in an equity policy?
  • What is an ethics audit, and what could a rating agency expect from us?
  • How can we demonstrate our risk management expertise?

We continuously update and expand the database to ensure that our clients have access to the latest and most relevant best practices. By using the database, companies can learn from the experiences of others and rely on proven methods and tools for creating ESG reports and policies. We analyze these best practices and help our clients adapt them to their individual needs and successfully integrate them into their ESG strategy. With our support, companies can elevate their ESG communication to the next level and improve their sustainability performance.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or need support in creating ESG reports and policies. Our experienced consultants are at your side and help you identify and implement best practices.


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