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Meet new investors throughout Europe with cometis!

European investor access through cometis – made possible by our tailor-made Investor Access Program. In order to create a European framework for your roadshow, your discussions with investors or your entire approach to investors, cometis can help you to establish the right contacts at home and abroad with analysts, fund managers and potential investors by creating an Investor Access program designed to meet the needs of your company. We offer you professional support in addressing, planning and selecting contacts for your European capital market approach.

If you want to get in touch with new potential investors or if you want to strengthen your existing relationships with existing investors, cometis can help you to expand your investor relations throughout Europe. To this end, we support you in organizing, planning and preparing your European investor approach.

With the Investor Access Program, cometis is able to provide you with independent investor access from A to Z in Europe’s most important financial centres: Amsterdam, Brussels, The Hague, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Lugano, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Monaco, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna and Zurich.

Excellent European Investor Access

We can organize individual roadshows in selected European financial centres, as well as sector conferences or even year-round roadshows for you. All roadshows include Entry & Exit polls, which are directed to participants at the beginning and end of the roadshow and provide you with an excellent overview of the effectiveness of your roadshow.

To round off your Investor Relations program strategically, we offer you perception studies, peer group analyses, shareholder ID as well as roadshow coaching and the development of your equity story. This enables you to optimize your appearance and use your appointments effectively in order to present your company in the best possible way to investors.

cometis can be your key to the European investor market through the use of our experienced local sales team in more than twenty European financial centres.


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