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Core messages are the basis of M&A communication

Successful communication tailored to each target audience is crucial for the success of M&A transactions. On the basis of the developed communication strategy, it is necessary to address the defined core messages among the target audiences while implementing communication measures.

Our communication experts also support your M&A transaction: we work with you as a basis for M&A communication to develop a communication strategy and define meaningful core messages. This must be taken into account in your communication measures though all phases of the M&A transaction to ensure targeted communication.

Influencing image in the company’s perspective

It is characteristic of M&A transactions that the various companies involved often have conflicting interests during the takeover process. Precisely when there is a high degree of individual concern, an emotionally charged and irrelevant debate can arise quickly. The debate can quickly steer away from actual facts and become shaped by rumors, emotions and emotionally exacerbated rivalries.

It is therefore all the more important for you to incorporate your core messages in discussions with stakeholders and journalists and to contribute to influencing their opinion in your company’s perspective. Consistently implementing uniform communication during the M&A process gives you a decisive advantage in an often-heated debate.


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