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Providing investors with necessary information on an IPO website

An IPO website provides interested investors with all necessary information on the company and its IPO. During an IPO, most companies do not have an Investor Relations section on their home page. An IPO website should be put online to announce IPO plans as well as inform the public on your company, management, key financial figures and especially investment highlights.

Depending on the issue offer, your website must be preceded by a disclaimer alerting unauthorized investors to the prohibition of subscribing to your shares. This must also be on all communications and publications that you publish throughout the IPO.

Securities prospectus and issuance data belong on the IPO website

More details on the IPO website will be published in the course of the IPO process. When the security’s prospectus has been approved by the financial oversight, this should be placed on the website with final information on the issuing concept.

The IPO website will be extended with additional sections when the share starts trading. A central section should address the share. Investors should be provided with important facts about the stock, a stock chart or the current shareholder structure, as well as all important information on the share.

A strong partner for your IPO communication

We support you as an IPO communication partner in creating the structure and content of your IPO website and would be glad to assist you in the punctual publication of all information.


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