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Corporate news – Continuously informing on company highlights

Are you a listed company and want to actively shape your reporting to the capital market? Are you wondering how to increase the level of awareness of your company with leading media and investors? And in an effective cost-benefit ratio? Then you should use the release of corporate news. With these company announcements, you can inform the public about your business development and important news in the company.

Influencing media coverage positively with corporate news

With the regular publication of corporate news, you can generate positive news flow and influence media coverage on your company in your favor. It’s useful to comment on business figures or important events in the company by means of such communication and to influence the public opinion-forming process. In addition, you can achieve a wide range of benefits with your messages. We support you with our specific press distribution lists for you to consistently use the relevant media for your communications.

Meeting transparency requirements on the capital market

By regularly publishing corporate news, you can, in particular, inform existing and potential investors about your company. In doing so, you meet the high transparency requirements on the capital market and meet your reporting requirements if, for example, you are listed in the Regulated Market of the German Stock Exchange. It would be our pleasure to assist you with the publication of your announcements on popular publishing portals.


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