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IPO prospectus contains comprehensive information on the issuer

The security’s prospectus contains all necessary information on the issuer and is intended to assist investors in their investment decisions. Required content is stipulated by the Securities Prospectus Act (WpPG) and the corresponding prospectus directive. This includes, for example, information on business activity, financial figures, the market and competition environment, opportunities and risks, management and the issuer’s public offering. In close cooperation with other project partners such as your issuing bank and your lawyers, we support you with the careful preparation of content for the security’s prospectus.

Audit of the IPO prospectus by financial services supervision

The prospectus is usually drawn up by lawyers in collaboration with the issuer, the consortium of banks and the auditor. Legal representation assumes the subsequent prospectus approval procedure from financial services supervision (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin) on the issuer’s behalf. In practice, billing periods of approximately six to eight weeks are the established “standard.” Within this period, subsequent steps can be prepared or carried out.

Careful information auditing for the IPO prospectus

Once critical aspect is so-called “prospectus liability.” The security’s prospectus constitutes the liability for the issuing company. All information contained in the prospectus must be true. As a rule, no forward-looking statements such as forecasts are included in the prospectus; significant space is given to possible risks associated with investing in the securities.

Important to know: all public communication documents and statements must be in accordance with the prospectus or included in it. This is particularly important when creating communication documents. We maintain not only your IPO Prospectus preparation, but all aspects of IPO communication. Contact us to ensure successful IPO communication!


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