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Bond website provides investors with essential information

On the bond website, interested investors are provided with all necessary information on the company and the issuance of bonds. In a section titled “Bond” or depending on the company situation in the “Investor Relations” section, all relevant information on the offer and bond subscription should be provided. Providing your new bond with all relevant information and documents on issuance, investment highlights and frequent subscription questions is advised. In addition, there is always the possibility of transacting the bond through your website.

Do not forget a disclaimer on the bond website

Depending on the bond offers, your website may have to be preceded by a disclaimer that alerts unauthorized investors not to access the offer website. Incidentally, a disclaimer must also be applied to all notices and publications that you publish as part of your offer.

Information on current bond refinancing

If you plan to refinance the current bond by issuing a new bond, you must also provide the relevant information on the website. This includes relevant information on issuance, key data and frequent questions on the exchange offer as well as all necessary documents.

A strong partner for your bond communication

We support you in creating structure and content for your bond website and are happy to assist you as a partner for bond communication.


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