Corporate governance

Corporate governance is essential

Good corporate governance is on the agenda of more and more companies. Management boards and supervisory boards of listed companies are faced with three developments: Shareholders are becoming more active, institutional investors and voting rights advisors are increasingly influencing governance issues (composition of the supervisory board, remuneration systems, etc.) and also sustainability issues are increasingly being scrutinised by investors. The next Annual General Meeting season therefore does not promise to be easy.

Those responsible for investor relations should identify and defuse critical agenda items in advance of a general meeting. If critical proposals are unavoidable, it is important to actively enter into dialogue with investors and to achieve a common understanding of company-specific issues. Anyone who neglects governance issues risks lower relief rates and the rejection of individual agenda items at the Annual General Meeting.

Governance Performance Analysis

In particular, smaller investor relations teams face considerable challenges in preparing for the Annual General Meeting and identifying critical governance issues. We are happy to help you by reviewing your company’s governance issues with an individual analysis. An experienced team of experts from our partner Governance & Values has developed a systematic governance performance analysis. Individual weaknesses in a company’s corporate governance structure become transparent. Concrete requirements are specified and critical issues identified.
The governance performance analysis comprises five key elements:

  1. the evaluation of the voting results of the last Annual General Meeting
  2. a detailed corporate governance analysis of the Company
  3. a detailed corporate sustainability analysis of the company
  4. recommendations for action for the forthcoming Annual General Meeting
  5. a corporate governance evaluation in accordance with the DVFA scorecard

The analysis minimizes the risk of surprises and reduces the risk of public criticism from investors at the Annual General Meeting. This avoids damage to your company’s reputation.

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