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Investigating media interest among investors and analysts during an IPO

If you are planning an IPO, you are constantly competing with potential and already listed companies for the capital of investors. It is therefore important to arouse interest among potential investors and to build up lasting trust in your share. Successful media work lets you reach important institutional and private investors to influence opinion in your company’s favor.

Putting your company in the media’s focus

If you have not had any contact with financial journalists to this point, your company and business model need to be shown to the public with targeted media work. The goal is to provide interested investors with necessary information to positively influence how your company is seen.

Developing a communication strategy for media work

Creating your equity story in relevant business and financial media depends on developing a clear communication strategy. Uniform IPO communication conveys defined core messages in your equity story to the media. We have established personal contacts with financial and economic media to support you in all aspects of your media work. In addition, we create your information documents for media work, establish contact with relevant financial and investment media, accompany you at interviews and select quotes.

Call us and contribute to your equity story being heard by relevant investors and analysts through successful media work!


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