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Do not neglect employee communication in a crisis

Whether it’s investors, journalists or customers – if your company is in a crisis, the attention of the different stakeholders is certain. An important part of crisis communication, which you should not neglect in any case, is employee communication. As an expert on strategic financial and corporate communications with many years of experience, we advise you in all matters of crisis communication. This also includes the planning and implementation of employee communication during the crisis.

Ensuring immediate transparency for employees

Depending on the nature and extent of the crisis, such an exceptional situation often entails a high degree of individual concern, for example when one’s own workplace is at risk. A rational view of the situation can quickly fall into the background, particularly in the case of employees, which is made worse by an emotionally charged and unachievable debate. On the basis of your crisis communication strategy, it is therefore important to communicate information and behavioral instructions early with the company. You can, for example, create transparency through an employee assembly and the dissemination of relevant information via the Intranet.

Employee communication defuses crisis situations

Crisis communication has the task to provide all target audiences with relevant information. In crisis communication, speed and openness are crucial factors. When employees learn internal details first from the press, this creates additional tensions during the crisis. This must absolutely be avoided. Speak with us so that your internal communication can contribute to successful crisis management!


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