Reduce company image damage during a crisis


If a crisis situation is starting in your company or if the company has already fallen into a real crisis, PR has the potential to reduce the damage to the image of your company, thus minimizing the medium- and long-term consequences of your crisis. As an expert on strategic financial, ESG and corporate communications with many years of experience, we support you in all phases of crisis communication. With the right crisis communication strategy, you contribute decisively to the successful crisis management of your enterprise.

Using increased attention in crisis

A crisis usually brings increased attention from the media and the public. This can lead to a conflict between business and the public, as media tends to want to know all the details of the causes of the crisis. This conflict of interests should be solved by your crisis communication as much as possible by acting in crisis rather than reacting. Communicate as a business openly what you can tell the public, and do not pursue any salami slicing! If you tell the truth only step by step, or only communicate what has already become known, you only exacerbate the crisis. Take advantage of the increased attention with fast and open communication, and set your own PR accents through your crises.

Looking for dialogue with investors and journalists

If a listed company is in a crisis, it should by no means be hidden and communication with your target audiences be denied. Rather, it is important to go to investors and journalists. This signals willingness to talk and openness and ensures transparency for your stakeholders. Even if you as a company may have made a mistake, openness in any case contributes to the positive perception of your company – and possible suspicion of concealment is ruled out.

Competent partner for your crisis PR

By means of crisis PR, you can put your company in the advantageous position to influence the opinion-forming process and to reduce the damage to reputation from your crisis. You can also contact us at short notice in order to develop a strategy for your crisis PR!


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