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ESG Advisory: Responsibility and Risk Management

The most successful companies are characterized by high quality of both financial and non-financial reporting. This applies not only to listed but also to non-listed companies. Non-financial reporting focuses on environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G) issues. In these areas, it is important for companies to document their progress continuously and comprehensibly.
The reporting of ESG aspects is legally required for listed companies above a certain size. Positioning on ESG issues moves share prices. In addition, ESG issues are increasingly shaping voting behavior at annual general meetings.

Inadequate ESG reporting can also be detrimental to non-listed companies. As suppliers, they are a link in supply chains. Major customers in particular are increasingly demanding information on ESG issues. ESG communication is thus becoming a central element in customer retention and acquisition. Moreover, ESG criteria are also becoming increasingly important in the granting of loans.

How do you ensure that human rights are respected in your supply chain? How do you measure waste consumption at your sites? How do you make the remuneration structure of your management transparent? The answers to these and many other ESG questions are highly complex. The basis for answering them is the definition of a stringent ESG strategy. cometis helps you to determine such a strategy. Based on this strategy, the corresponding communication is built up. Regular, substantial ESG reporting forms the basis. Furthermore, requirements are constantly changing. It is therefore essential to continuously develop ESG reporting.

Regardless of where your company currently stands: We can support you in further optimization.

With our support you will receive:

  • An ESG strategy with which you can step by step raise the ESG potential of your company.
  • A stringent reporting system that will convince your stakeholders. Your sustainability ESG report, your ESG presentation, your ESG website and your ESG factsheet appear as a unified whole.
  • Access to new investors with ESG roadshows and specific investor targeting. This is how you tap into new investors.
  • A clear approach on how to best meet the ESG requirements of investors, rating agencies and voting advisors as well as the companies in your supply chain.
  • The key ESG indicators for positioning your company in a peer group comparison.
  • 360° communication to inform your employees, other stakeholders and the media about your ESG progress.

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