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Media work – Being present in the media

As an ESG- and IR agency focusing on financial and corporate communications, we specialize in influencing the reporting of your company through targeted media work. Through our growth, we establish contact with relevant economic and financial media and arrange media discussions. We help you make your messages heard in the media and reach the right target audiences with your media work.

Communicating effectively, even in crisis

Depending on the situation, we also take a preventive approach to the media and support you in fending off critical reporting on your company or counteracting it with active media work. Contact us if you want to make your communication with the media and the public more confident in crisis.

Carefully planning media work

Agenda setting and meticulous preparation of your media work play a decisive role in the success of your media campaign for growth stories throughout the year, as well as in special situations such as crises. In preparation, it is important to identify relevant actors and topics. With our many years of know-how and growing contacts, we support you in your successful media work. We also put together a questions and answers catalog to help prepare you for interviews with journalists in individual media trainings.

Feel free to contact us if you want to tackle the next journalist discussion!


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