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Using language rules successfully in M&A communication

A merger or company purchase always attracts the attention of a broad public due to the constant changes that come along with so many stakeholder groups. Using language rules can help keep thoughtless statements in these situations from leading to disastrous consequences. Once a rash message is in circulation, it can hardly be contained again in this age of rapid multiplication by social media and can only be corrected with great difficulty

Language rules create consistent M&A communication

Defined language rules in corporate communication aim to ensure uniform communication in a multidimensional manner with regard to a highly sensitive topic: across multiple management levels and various locations, it is important to ensure that matching facts are communicated on behalf of the company, forming a uniform position on critical issues.

Avoiding misleading reports in a timely manner

This prevents contradictory messages from the same organization. Doubts about professionalism and credibility, often justified in such cases, are prevented from the outset. This principle even hinders the emergence of rumors or false reporting. A massive loss of trust can be averted.

Correctly formulating language rules

As a specialist in strategic financial, ESG and corporate communication with many years of experience, cometis AG supports the development of language rules in the M&A process. The consideration of various scenarios of the negotiation process are also essential elements, such as the strategic structuring of information for use in direct communication with the public, distribution on demand or only for use in background discussions. We would be pleased to advise you on this!


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