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Preparing professionally for shareholder questions

At the annual general meeting, the management board is often confronted with complex or critical questions. But this is no reason to panic! The answers to complex questions can be carefully prepared before the annual general meeting. It is therefore important to anticipate relevant shareholder questions, to collect information and to prepare language rules. It is helpful in the run-up to the annual general meeting to seek contact with important shareholders and shareholder associations as well as to keep an eye on the public discourse on your company. With a comprehensive catalog of questions and answers, you will be well prepared for your annual general meeting. We would be happy to assist you in the research and preparation of questions along with their expert answers!

The Q&A catalog is an important source of information in the AGM back office

The AGM back office supports the management board at the annual general meeting with the correct and short-term answers to incoming shareholder questions. As an established expert in ESG and investor relations, we are happy to coordinate allocation and answering of shareholder questions in the AGM back office on the day of your annual general meeting in addition to preparing the Q&A catalog. Please feel free to contact us for more details to ensure the success of your annual general meeting!


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