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Consulting ESG Strategy: Sustainability as a Success Factor


What is an ESG strategy?

An ESG strategy is a sustainable corporate strategy that takes into account environmental, social, and governance aspects. By integrating ESG criteria into the overall corporate strategy, companies can improve their sustainability performance, reduce risks, and at the same time, explore new business opportunities.

Why is an ESG strategy important?

The integration of ESG criteria into the corporate strategy is not only a sign of commitment to sustainability but also an economic success factor. Investors, customers, and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding sustainable corporate governance and evaluating companies based on their ESG performance. Those who are able to convince with a comprehensive and credible ESG strategy can gain a competitive advantage and ensure long-term business success.

How does cometis support companies in developing an ESG strategy?

cometis supports companies in developing a sound ESG strategy that meets the needs and expectations of all relevant stakeholders. It is of great importance that the strategy meets the business model, brand positioning, stakeholder expectations, as well as the requirements of European legislation and frameworks.

Different approaches to developing an ESG strategy

In the first step, a moderated strategy workshop offers an ideal internal platform to discuss and prepare an ESG strategy. We recommend conducting this in an external studio to create the necessary distance from day-to-day work for this process. Prior to the workshop, a materiality analysis can also be conducted, and its findings can be incorporated into the workshop.

To do justice to the complexity of the task and also to reflect the time constraints appropriately, two appointments are scheduled. A first appointment to create the basics, which can then be reflected upon with a time distance in the second appointment and translated into first strategic models, goals, and measures.

We can further support our clients in developing their ESG strategy through various analysis methods. These include environmental analyses, expert surveys, peer group analyses, and materiality analyses. These methods enable companies to build their sustainability strategy on sound insights and data-based information, ensuring that their ESG strategy meets stakeholder requirements as well as legal framework conditions.

Our consultants bring extensive expertise and practical experience and are thus able to develop an individual solution in close cooperation with you. We always have our clients’ needs in mind and support you in effectively implementing your ESG strategy.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help in developing your ESG strategy. We are at your disposal and look forward to accompanying you on your way to a successful and sustainable business activity.


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