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IPO fact sheet – Your guide for investor and journalist interviews


The IPO fact sheet is the right tool for the initial consultation of investors and journalists during a planned IPO. A well-structured and well-designed fact sheet helps you convey your messages and helps you understand the most important facts about your company and your investment highlights. The Fact sheet thus becomes a helpful companion for your journalist and investor interviews during the IPO process.

Fact sheets present relevant facts about the IPO

Fact sheets contain business and transaction-related information such as business model, history, management, key figures, share price, key transaction data and investment highlights. While the company’s presentation as well as the historical and current key figures and share price information are the focus of a regularly updated company fact sheet, the IPO fact sheet focuses on relevant IPO data. cometis helps you show off your investment highlights. You profit from many years of experience and proven expertise in the field of capital market communication.

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For a successful IPO, it is crucial that you can arrange conversations with journalists and investors in your favor. The IPO fact sheet is a helpful companion that we can create in your desired format. Please contact us and build the groundwork for a successful IPO Communication!

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