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SLM Solutions opens branch operations in India

Lübeck, 12 June 2017 – SLM Solutions Group AG (“SLM Solutions”; “SLM”), a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, has been represented in India since the start of this year with a subsidiary based in Bangalore. In the future, SLM Solutions is to work there, amongst others, together with the International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), an Indian government research centre in Hyderabad, and with DesignTech Systems Ltd. (“DesignTech Systems”), one of the leading service providers for additive manufacturing technologies in India. In this partnership, SLM Solutions, ARCI and DesignTech Systems are jointly pursuing the objective of establishing metal-based additive manufacturing in India’s industry.

SLM Solutions has already long cultivated close relationships with leading institutes and companies from various sectors in India. Such industrial partnerships form an important aspect of SLM’s corporate strategy. Uwe Bögershausen, Management Board member of SLM Solutions Group AG, comments: “This close collaboration with the ARCI in Hyderabad not only offers us the opportunity to now intensify our business relationships in India, but along with our subsidiary also forms a good base to serve this country even better.”

The ARCI is an autonomous research and development centre within the Indian government’s Department of Science and Technology. Its task consists of researching and developing new high-performance materials and processes for niche applications in different sectors. Implementing and evaluating innovative technologies for commercial deployment in Indian industry forms one of its focus activity areas.
DesignTech Systems commands extensive expertise in the area of computer-aided product development and production, as well as additive manufacturing technology. The company has built up a far-reaching network to companies from highly differing sectors both nationally and internationally over a more than 18-year period.

SLM Solutions, ARCI and DesignTech Systems agreed on establishing a test and demonstration centre in Hyderabad. The three partners’ expertise is being integrated there to provide the best possible service to Indian industry in the introduction and application of additive manufacturing technologies.

ARCI Director Dr. G. Padmanabham explains: “Public-private partnerships such as these help us establish access to different sectors and support them in tackling some critical challenges in product design and production. Metal-based additive manufacturing forms a focus area at ARCI. Our research efforts are oriented to developing additive manufacturing components and special alloys for the automotive and aerospace areas, as well as other related applications in different sectors.”

Stefan Ritt, Head of Global Marketing and Communications at SLM Solutions Group AG, notes: “It is a great honour for us to work together with a renowned institution such as ARCI. ARCI is an outstanding organisation that works intensively with “Best in Class” technology to provide materials, processes and technological solutions for Indian industry. Its research activities are impressive. The technology centre offers a great base to research and evaluate the application and further utilisation of metal powder based materials and additive manufacturing for various specialist disciplines.

Vikas Khanvelkar, Managing Director, DesignTech Systems Ltd., adds: “At DesignTech, we have long backed the deployment of the latest technologies in India’s engineering and manufacturing industries. It enables Indian companies to develop robust products with reduced times and costs, helping them stay competitive. Additive manufacturing technology – also called 3D printing technology – has been further developed to a very significant extent, so its applications are no longest restricted to product design validation, but can now also be deployed as an alternative manufacturing technology to develop components, structural elements and complete solutions. The technology centre will serve the company as a bridge to understand metal-based additive applications better, and analyse how this technology can be used optimally in their product development processes. SLM Solutions is the best partner for us to further establish additive manufacturing in India.”

About SLM Solutions
Lübeck-based SLM Solutions Group AG is a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. The company’s shares are traded in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The stock has been listed in the TecDAX index since March 21, 2016. SLM Solutions focuses on the development, assembly and sale of machines and integrated system solutions in the field of selective laser melting. SLM Solutions currently employs over 320 members of staff in Germany, the USA, Singapore, Russia, India and China. The products are utilised worldwide by customers in particular from the aerospace, energy, healthcare and automotive industries.

About ARCI
ARCI is an autonomous research and development centre of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of the Indian government in Hyderabad, in the federal state of Telangana. ARCI was founded in 1996 with the task of developing unique and innovative technologies in the advanced materials area that can be utilised technically and commercially, before subsequently transferring them to Indian industry. A unique characteristic of ARCI is that it is sector-oriented. ARCI is obligated to develop and demonstrate technologies on a significantly large scale, not only to prove the technology’s reliability and consistency, but also to effectively raise market awareness so the subsequent technology transfer to industry enjoys better prospects of success.
To ensure that multidisciplinary inputs can easily be used for all of its targeted development efforts, ARCI has formed centres of excellence (CoEs) in many generic research areas oriented to materials and materials processing such as nanomaterials, ceramics, engineered coatings, fuel cells, as well as carbon materials, sol-gel coatings, laser materials processing, solar energy and automotive energy materials. All these CoEs are involved in developing advanced materials based technologies relating to their core competence.

About DesignTech Systems Ltd.
DesignTech Systems Ltd. is a leading supplier of CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM solutions and additive manufacturing technologies, and a leading engineering service provider in India. DesignTech Systems has been working for more than 18 years with companies from all sectors both in India and abroad to support them in their most complex and challenging engineering initiatives, and help them achieve the best returns on their investments in so doing. DesignTech Systems is the only Platinum Partner for Siemens PLM Software in India and has strategic connections with global companies, such as Altair Engineering for its HyperWorks Suite. DesignTech Systems has also realised solutions for Stratasys 3D Printing Technology, ESI casting and welding simulation software, MathWorks for MATLAB and SIMULINK, SLM metal 3D printing technology and Solidscape high-precision 3D printing solutions. For more information, please visit us at


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