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M&A is the master discipline of corporate finance


The term M&A refers to a merger of two companies into a legal and economic entity or to an acquisition of business units or an entire company. M&A activities are often referred to as the master discipline in investment banking or corporate finance. As a rule, this is done within an organized process involving several internal and external specialists. With our many years of experience from various transactions, cometis supports you with a broad range of services in your M&A transaction.

Using company potentials with mergers & acquisitions

There may be different motifs for the sale of a company or a business area. For example, a company’s strategy may change over time so that some business units simply do not fit into the overall enterprise. The term M&A also includes the sale of companies in the course of a sustainable succession.

On the buyer side, acquisitions are often the result of a “buy or build” decision. Instead of rebuilding a business completely, it may be more advantageous to buy an existing, strategically complementary business. At the same time, growth through acquisitions is usually much faster than purely organic growth. Entrepreneurial growth, opening up new markets, expanding the product portfolio – all of these are possible reasons for share or company acquisitions.

A look at the M&A process

The M&A process usually begins with the search for suitable target companies. If a target is found, due diligence is assessed. If strategic advantages and synergies can be identified, negotiations with the shareholders and/or management of the target then follow. A letter of intent may confirm the intention of the two parties to successfully carry out this transaction. The bilateral contract design is supported by law firms, auditors, corporate consultants, M&A and corporate finance consultants. In addition to determining the purchase price, the type of share acquisition, the method of payment and the provision of the necessary financial resources are also defined. After the purchase process, the investor ensures the continuous monitoring of the development of the target.

Creating competitive advantages through M&A strategy

Empirical Studies show that more than 50 percent of M&A transactions do not bring the desired value growth and return on investment for shareholders. Nevertheless, they remain an important part of a company’s long-term value strategy. A well thought out M&A strategy can lead to decisive competitive advantages – particularly in economically turbulent times.

To ensure a successful merger or takeover, the right communication is crucial. As a competent partner with many years of experience in the consultancy of M&A transactions, we develop a strategic communication plan with you that not only takes into account content and legal aspects, but also operational aspects. Clearly defined Core Messages, arguments and objectives of communication during the transaction process communicate successfully with each participating interest group.

Our service spectrum in the M&A process:

  • Strategic communication advice
  • Supporting the development of the M or A story
  • Interim media contacts
  • Support for Cultural Due Diligence
  • Comprehensive communication project management
  • Conception and coordination of all communication and advertising measures
  • Support for addressing all relevant target audiences (journalists, investors, analysts, rating agencies, shareholder representatives, employees, trade unions, business partners and customers)
  • Preparation for the eventual publication of Confidential Information (Leakage / Fallback Strategys)
  • Continuous observation and evaluation of the media
  • Analysis of perception by the press, investors and analysts (qualitative resonance analysis)
  • Analysis of transaction targets and possible scenarios
  • Analysis of the shareholder structure
  • Creation of information material
  • Conception of online activities
  • Preparation for possible attack with friendly and hostile systems
  • Management Coaching, presentation and Interview Training, question and answer catalogs (fair/unfair dialectic)
  • Post-M&A communication for the integration of companies (post-merger integration)