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| va-Q-tec receives major order from Swiss Post for fleet of thermal transportation boxes


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va-Q-tec receives major order from Swiss Post for fleet of thermal transportation boxes

  • One of the largest single orders in va-Q-tec’s history
  • va-Q-tec to initially supply multi-use thermal box fleet to Swiss Post
  • Foundation laid for strategic partnership between va-Q-tec and Swiss Post for temperature-controlled logistics in Swiss market
  • Order underscores growth momentum in va-Q-tec’s healthcare business

Starting January 2017, va-Q-tec will supply Swiss Post with a fleet of multi-use thermal boxes. These boxes will be used for the nationwide temperature-controlled distribution of pharmaceutical products initially in the “CRT” temperature range (Controlled Room Temperature, +15 C to +25 C). Swiss Post selected an advanced va-Q-tec thermobox which is currently being introduced by va-Q-tec in Germany for shipments of pharmaceutical products to pharmacies. In a first step, va-Q-tec will supply a fleet of multi-use boxes to Swiss Post. Thereafter, va-Q-tec will provide services for preconditioning, processing and dispatching of boxes in Switzerland.

For the Würzburg-based high-tech company, the cooperation with Swiss Post represents one of the largest single orders in the company’s history and the start of a strategic partnership in the Swiss market. va-Q-tec commands a leading technological position and unrivalled process experience in the area of temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceutical products.

“Together with Swiss Post, our team of experts for the healthcare & logistics market has developed an outstanding solution based on our tried and tested technology. This major order provides a further example of how va-Q-tec can work in partnership with a demanding blue-chip customer to develop and provide transportation systems with accompanying services for healthcare logistics,” said va-Q-tec CEO Dr. Joachim Kuhn.

This new multi-use system based on va-Q-med(R) technology ensures secure last-mile logistics without temperature deviations directly to the recipient. In contrast with conventional, lower performance single-use packaging or cost-intensive transportation with refrigerated vehicles, va-Q-tec’s transportation systems comprise environmentally friendly and recyclable high-performance thermal solutions. The thermal box consists largely of vacuum insulation panels (“VIPs”) that va-Q-tec – as a technology leader – produces in-house. Phase change materials (“PCMs”) also made by va-Q-tec supplement the VIPs’ strong insulation performance, ensuring reliable and energy-efficient temperature control within a required temperature range.

About va-Q-tec:

va-Q-tec is a leading provider of highly efficient tech products and solutions in the field of thermal insulation. The Company develops, manufactures and sells innovative, thin vacuum insulation panels (“VIPs”) and phase change materials (“PCMs”) for reliable and energy efficient temperature control and insulation. Furthermore, by optimally integrating VIPs and PCMs, va-Q-tec manufactures passive thermal packaging solutions (containers and boxes), which offer constant temperature conditions between 24 and over 200 hours without using external energy sources. Within its rental services business, the company has built a global partner network to provide for an extensive fleet of containers and boxes fulfilling highly demanding thermal protection standards in temperature sensitive supply chains. Besides Healthcare & Logistics as main market, va-Q-tec addresses additional markets such as Appliances & Food, Technics & Industry, Building and Mobility. The strongly growing Company was founded in 2001, and has its headquarters in Würzburg. More information on va-Q-tec under

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